Industry Related Courses

  • Certified Legalett Installer

  • Successfully completing all three phases of the “Carpentry Apprentice Program”

  • Certified ICF installer.

  • WHIMIS Training.

  • Fall Arrest Training.

  • Rigging Course.

  • Platform Operator Certificate.

Business and Work Related Experience - Outlining my work in the last 20 years.


  • Two and a half years, one on one with contractor/carpenter Adrian Alblas who had 30 years experience.

  • Touched every component of residential construction (new homes, renovations, and additions) such as footings, concrete slab finishing, block foundations, form foundations, framing, insulating, plumbing, replacement windows and doors, locks, drywall taping, boarding, painting, trim, interior doors, tile, hardwood floors, siding, soffit, facia, shingling, decks, interlocking stone, retaining walls, welding and kitchen cabinets.


  • Two and a half years leaving the previous tasks of renovations and moving on to specializing in rough framing and shell packages/Custom Homes

  • In the fourth month of employment was lead hand under the owner and running a crew of 4 employees.


  • Joined the Carpenters Union working on commercial buildings doing commercial windows in condos.


  • Received a job opportunity to do a complete commercial renovation of a grocery store into the largest custom furniture store in Kingston (Scandesign). The following is a list of tasks and responsibilities performed on site: Demolition, framing, steel studs, insulation, drywall, flooring, cherry panelling, metal trim, drop ceilings, staff kitchen, stairs and railings, loading docks and parapet wall flashing. At the end of the project with only a few days to go for completion was called back by the carpenters union. The company I started for was M.SULLIVAN AND SONS (a commercial general contracting company) working on the chemistry building in queen's campus. This major project lasted over 2 years from start to finish. * Main tasks consisted of; safety on and off site, formwork, forming concrete stairs and rebar tying, parapet wall, prep for pouring large concrete slabs(gravel and wire mesh ), install door frames for masons on site, all hardware for the doors and all components associated with security and passage, scaffolding regular and tube and clamp.


  • Began working again in construction as a sub contractor with the tools and knowledge to run a crew and a job site.

  • Return to original background job in the residential department.

  • Employed by JND Ltd. for two and a half years where the opportunity to learn how to build with “insulated concrete forms” (ICF); building foundations, full ICF houses and custom homes was provided. This is was the first shot at building homes from start to finish.


  • Sub contracting, successfully completing as many as 35 high profile houses.

2007-Present Date

  • “I have reached a point in life were I am ready for what I believe I have been destined to do. I had two choices; to settle with minimal options or take the chance and risks to branch off on my own and better myself and the life of those in my surroundings. I always knew this is what I would be doing in the future but I have now taken the next step to becoming a registered builder. I speak with a lot of pride because quality in new homes (custom homes) is on the verge of being extinct and I believe it is very important to take pride in your work. I have built my home from absolute beginning to end with the exception of plumbing and electrical. These are all the qualities I wish to put into my work over and over again. Because of my past experiences I have been able to put all my knowledge, creativity and values into making a demanded contractor. I am confident in saying that if you put your faith in me and let me build your dream home and I will not let you down.”